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The North Carolina Debt Setoff Clearinghouse is proud to offer FREE software to assist in the collection of delinquent debts to local governments. The software includes free, unlimited support. While the software is optional, it should be considered as a beneficial method to ensure that debts are submitted in the correct manner as opposed to the alternates, ASCII and Excel, which has a higher potential for debts being rejected.  Many local governments don't have an Information Technology staff or third-party vendor to create a debt setoff submission file.  This software makes it easy for any one to enter debtors and debts to the Clearinghouse.

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Latest Software Version: 2017.04

Over the past five years we have converted more than 260 local governments to our upgraded client software.

As of January 2018: 306 - Counties (77), County Agencies (20), Municipalities (207), Housing Authorities (2)


COMPARISON of latest SQL version versus prior Microsoft Access:

User ID AND password for sign-on NO (password only) YES
Administrator privileges NO YES
View Only NO YES
Scroll through all debtors NO YES
Remove debtors NO YES
View All Debtors NO YES
View/Print/Apply Address Changes NO YES
Reports to screen NO YES
Generate PDFs for notification letters NO YES
Print Letters NO (merge file) YES
Clean-up Options NO YES
Security (User Rights by Function and Department) NO YES
Source of Setoff (Tax refund or Education Lottery) NO YES
Departmental Controls NO YES
Ability to do uploads/downloads, eliminating the need for signing on to secure website NO YES
Encrypt Social Security Numbers, Users and Passwords NO YES
Control each users ability to view and/or print Social Security Numbers NO YES



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